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Author Topic: A STATE OF SELFISH CONTENTMENT  (Read 135 times)

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« on: January 31, 2018, 06:57:37 pm »

Somewhere during my pursuit of happiness, I was freed from many things, and many people, about which, there could possibly be made strong argument against my ‘giving them up’. I don’t say that the arguments are wrong because others don’t choose to do the same, but they are wrong for me, because mine is a personal choice based solely on the individual right to the pursuit of happiness.

I found that in order to ‘feel’ happiness, you don’t have to be doing any particular thing with any particular persons. Happiness isn't dependant on any standard of living, nor is it dependant on activities that could be called ‘normal’. Happiness and contentment are however, highly dependent on how many distasteful people you carry with you. Now this may sound like a purely selfish view, and indeed perhaps is, this being because it pertains only to the person seeking to fulfill ‘happiness’ for himself. While being fully justified in seeking that which is available to all of us, it is hard, because of the number of people that do not so wisely chose their own paths, and for which cause they suffer karma in their lives fitting the category of things which I’ve chosen to dissociate myself.

Now when I say,‘I dissociated myself from them’, I realized a great Plus.  The plus is, being so completely freed from all mental encumbrances and existing in ‘the desired state of happiness’ makes me free enough to help those that need it. ‘Need’, being the key word! Since it's readily apparent to all, how advise is rarely taken when given, makes it necessary to filter and recognize those whom ‘need’ has prepared for helps acceptance. In doing this time and effort isn't wasted on issues of those who choose not to consider an avoidance of their own stumbling by walking upright and facing the truth of matters.

Contentment is directly related to how you use your time. It's only by a selfish decision to be happy, that you can separate your efforts from those that choose a lesser degree of happiness for themselves. Since the personal application of a philosophy serves only one persons fulfillment ‘selfishness’ is justified; indeed, without this depersonalizing selfishness there can be no contentedness. 

When such a state of happiness is reached, it being purely mental, a larger philosophical question arises, ‘How much of my personal contentment should I give, or as I see it, sacrifice for others?’ and again I am back to a dilemma. How much of myself do I owe to others? So far I have only been able to answer ‘Not as much as they think!’

I found that if I eliminate, by order, what I call intrusions into my contentment, I remain in a perpetual state of happiness. To accomplish this, it was necessary to disassociate myself from takers, then ingrates, then users, then the arrogant, then the pompous, then the dullards, then those with bad habits, and finally whenever mercy allows, even able to escape the stupid's. Only after removing these detrimental types of people from my life, did I find that I could help those in real need. Helping those that are left, meaning those I care about, presents no negative effect on my personal state of happiness, in fact it enhances the feelings of having good judgment, self-worth, and accomplishment.

I ask, have you ever considered how much of your life is wasted on dullards, and users, and those unfortunate ‘others’ that refuse to help themselves? I have!
Agnostic with a great deal of faith

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