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Author Topic: Light Projection for Text in Scrolls  (Read 35 times)

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Arius Didymus

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Light Projection for Text in Scrolls
« on: January 30, 2017, 01:44:27 am »


I've been stumped for a while how to make my lines exactly straight,  without using a ruler. I've been leaning towards the idea of red laser light,  or getting a old projector to light up lines, because if I use a ruler,  it would just smoosh any letters I write, then I see this Torah scribe literally using it for the lettering.

I'm uncertain I want to do that for my hand script, but it certainly stops most mistakes, which are inevitable. I made it through five pages of text with just two mistakes,  but my handwriting did go to hell after a while.

I'm much more nervous about drawings,  inserting them in after writing the text by hand. Writing the text is difficult,  long,  involves breaks and outright rest,  a few days at least. Last thing I want is to then sit down,  scribble down a drawling,  and get it wrong....  and then look back at all the effort in my scroll and scream.

Let's say I wanted to reproduce a image of Cassiodorus, who founded the vivarium:

Now obviously I don't want a exact copy of that, I want it to be original,  but in order to be original,  I gotta make it from scratch,  but don't want it done on the paper. Why?  Even medieval scribes didn't use the same person to copy a text as illuminating it with art. Two separate people did that,  both equally expert,  mass producing one after another. I'm absolutely certain they screwed up on a regular basis, chucked a lot of texts out,  or did a lot of parchment scrapping. Text to be sold to a king?  Not anymore,  too blemmished,  how about a local merchant instead.

If I drawl a original picture outline on clear film,  and project it,  it would do the job. I could dot it on the paper,  then copy it. Seeing from the Torah scribe above,  I wouldn't need a large complex mirrored projector,  but rather just a light,  and slap the film over it.

This comes as a relief.

Perhaps the good news,  I have Vitiligo,  so bought two full spectrum reptile 26w light bulbs. One if the reviewers has a related skin issue,  so experimented first,  said it worked. I'll have some natural sunlight shining on me as I do this,  I can put the lamps to good work,  adding my lines first so I can write straight,  then drawl a image on the clear paper,  and project it on.

Given I'm doing philosophical and not religious texts,  should be easier, as it isn't as image intensive with people and natural environments.

Something I've been fretting about,  now I see others are doing it too. Just never realized that some cheated in making Torah scrolls like that. Thought each letter was hand sculpted. Can't say I fault them,  it is a much more massive text.
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