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Author Topic: Flux Untology  (Read 529 times)

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Re: Flux Untology
« Reply #40 on: February 28, 2017, 07:44:58 am »
FU is a Foolosophy of the Feasible.
An F, to the F, of F, Unified.
FFFU... mind-flatulence of change.
Smelly windstorm sweeping the globe - a tornado of gas.
ccccc-RAPING, logos as word-associating me-me-me gibberish.

It does not speak of things it can do nothing about, and the things it wants to speak of it must make into things it can do something about.
So, sex and race are out of bounds, because we cannot do anything about it, unless we convert it into something we can do something about like pretend it does not exist, or convince ourselves that it is a social construct.
To pretend it does not exist, is the first thing we can do about it, it's our first pretense, and then, the second pretense, the second step is to make it into a social construct, and this is the other thing we can do about it...so now we can speak of race, and sex differences with no worries...indifferently.
A simple recipe for simpleton gourmet dining - eat, swallow, regurgitate, chew, swallow again, pass gas, rid yourself of it by taking a dump, wipe and repeat.
Pure pleasure for its own sake.
That's Foolosophy in a nutshell.
FU is about remaining indifferent to everything but our own pleasure.
It is meta-hedonism metaphysics.
Between the passions of hate/anger Thymos, and love/lust Eros, the only passion permitted is lovey-dovey mind-fornication.
Oral self-pleasuring - blow your own mind with your tongue, yapping away, or with your fingers, typing away.
You can obsess all you like, if you love/lust, it's cute, harmless, but it's beneath us to show any rage, or hatred, or any kind of care other than lust/love.
That's sick.
So, FU is a humanitarian Fooloshy for the Modern Age of brain-dead Zombies.

If you can do nothing about it, and you cannot love it, or fornicate with it, then why look at it, why speak of it at all?
Science is now debunked, exposed as another kind of sick voyeurism.
Why study anything you cannot change? Why not remain indifferent?

You ignore mortality, because you can't do anything about it, erasing it from every aspect of your thinking, pretending it isn't there, or you invent a beyond life to correct it, giving it a solution, returning it to the table of reasoning.
FU builds upon the Abrahamic traditions in a spectacularly novel, innovative, brilliant way.
It's crypto-Christianity that makes sense in its senselessness...the paradox only proving its mystifying truth.
It's not only Judeo-Christianity on steroids, it is meta-****, self-loving/love-selfing pushed to its extreme: using other to self-pleasure.

Before the multiplicity of possible lies, a powerful mind remains silent, and aloof.
It pretends he does not hear, or see, or feel.
He ignores it, and forgets about it, going about his self-loving, self-pleasuring way.
This is the path to happiness, which is the ultimate goal of all Foolosophizing.
It's the FU WAY...or the way to FU epiphany.
What maters is if you can convince yourself, and to convince yourself you may, or may not, have to convince others.
FU teaches the path from dependence on convincing others, with pretenses, lies, hypocrisy, whatever it takes, towards an independent, stoic, self-reliance, where all you need is to believe in your own lies.
FU calls this the path to endarkenment.
Embracing the dark, as our new light, our ignorance as a new gnosis, our feebleness as our new strength, our idiocy as our new genius.
Be alive, but brain-dead, that's the FU WAY.
Think, thoughtlessly.
Feel, numbly.
Speak, silently.
See, blindly.
Hear, deafly. 
Reason, unreasonably.
Be illogically logical.
Open-minded, like a trash can...closed to everything but infinite garbage.
Data avalanches to bury it all in dirt. Bury your head in information sandstorms: dates, names, ideas, concepts, theories, all one big pile of crap, word-fertilizer in your brain-dead brain....distinguish nothing.
Dunes of sand creating a uniform desert.
It's all the same.
Discriminate, indiscriminately.
Turn inward, openly.
Hide, by revealing; reveal by hiding. 
So unique and novel, ought to be your convictions that they have nothing to do with reality.
They ought to be surreal, supernatural, extraordinary, spectacular.
Be creative with your unique kind of crazy. Be insanely brilliant, and brilliantly insane. 
So unique only you and a closed group of loyal initiates can grasp it.
Let your fantasies go mad. Turn inward, leave the outside in the dark.
You can't do anything about it. Forget it exists, embrace the non-existent.
Philosophy, of Foolosophy.

I am preaching a coming New AGE.
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Re: Flux Untology
« Reply #41 on: February 28, 2017, 09:40:30 am »
What a bunch of horseshit this is:
Quote from: Walker, Michael
The original and still most important group belonging to what is termed the European New Right is GRECE, a cultural organisation based in Paris. The letters stand for Le Groupement de Recherche et d’Etudes pour la Civilisation Européenne (The centre for the study and search for European civilisation). The word is an acronym for the French word for Greece, which underlines the group’s strong sense of attachment to the Greek heritage in particular, with its cult of heroism, elitism and beauty, and perhaps most importantly, its pagan values and outlook. The group was created on 5th May 1968 by Alain de Benoist and several intellectuals.

The starting point of GRECE was to undertake an analysis of the meaning of ideas. They wished to preserve an identity, a collective identity as Europeans: on that they were agreed from the beginning; but that was all. Nothing else would be assumed, not the need to defend Christendom, not the Western world, nor NATO, nor any of the other bastions of the old right. All would be examined critically in order to grasp their completing meaning. Taking its example from Nietzsche’s creation of a genealogy of morality. GRECE examined the history of ideas in order to better understand the relevance of each idea in the modern world.

Pierre Vial, the general secretary of GRECE Michel Marmin, film critic and leading GRECE member, and Guillaume Faye, a new and passionate advocate of GRECE , confirmed the total break of the New Right with one of the most sacred cows of all in the old right corral; the West. The leading article in that issue of Eléments was written by Guillaume Faye: `This is the hideous face of a civilisation, which, with an implacable logic, has forced itself onto every culture, gradually levelling them, bringing all peoples into the gamut of the one-world system. What use is the cry “Yanks out!” when those who shout the slogans are Levi customers? More successfully than Soviet Marxism this civilisation is realising the project of abolishing human history in order to ensure the perpetual well being of bourgeois man[…] this system, this civilisation, which is eradicating the identity of the peoples of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americans has a name: it is called Western civilisation.[…] We are against the Western civilisation.”

Alain de Benoist has adopted a famous aphorism of Oscar Wilde for his own use: the societé marchande is one which knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. This is echoed in Faye’s assessment of liberalism as the creed which `tolerates everything and respects nothing’. To quote Robert de Herte again: `The inherent materialism of liberalism and Marxism is nothing other than the dissolution of the soul, the abandonment of all human motivation, which cannot be rationalised in terms of personal interest or immediate existence. The only world which is permitted to impinge on our minds is the here-and-now of my world. There exists no place in `my’ world for what has a value beyond me, which constrains me, which gives me a form. The `rule of quantity’, to use Rene Guenon’s expression, is formless, hic et nunc, nothing more. The paradigm of decadence: a falling off from spiritual to material, from soul to spirit, to bady alone: the era of homo economicus, linked closely to the coming of the bourgeois, the bourgeois not so much as the representative of a class as a type who imposes a certain system of values. The aristocrat seeks to preserve what he is, the bourgeois what he has.'[…]

The New Right can be described as a revolt against the formless: formless politics formless culture, formless values. That modern society pays scant attention to measure, order, style, is self-evident, nowhere more so than in the United States. According to the New Right, utility and ugliness are the deadly twins of the Western world. When a society reduces all facets of life to the dictatorship of economics, then beauty, honour, loyalty – in a word everything we call intangible – is made tangible, rentable, and thus destroyed. If it is true that style maketh the man, then the man created by the modern world is inhuman, deprived of what is specifically human, cultural, and reduced to his materiality.[…]

Above all GRECE loves life and with irrational resilience will champion the cause of excellence against the mediocrity of the egalitarians and the hypocrisy of the sectarians. For those of us who felt disilusioned and depressed by the level of political and philosophical debate in a Europe which is rapidly losing all identity, the French New Right has initiated a kind of revolution. We need to think through all our nations again from the beginning. Someone has opened the windows and brought a fresh beeze into a muggy, malodorous study.

The only 'revolt' is my FU Foolosophy.
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Re: Flux Untology
« Reply #42 on: March 09, 2017, 09:01:49 am »
I love myself by only holding as true what feels good, and what is moral, in that it does not hurt others.
We first had God, to love ourselves by loving him, by surrendering to his love, and now we have grown, we've progressed, replacing God with humanity.
We are en-lightened, not in the sense of being exposed to light, but to a darkening, a unburdening of self, of Self.
We love self by loving humanity.
This is the epitome of FU self-loving.

My mentor and guru cAnus, a.k.a. iambiguous, a.k.a. chimpanzee, a.k.a. mule, a.k.a. ****...has lead me to a new en-darkening lightness, and one day he will free you all of your bigotry and your realism, releasing you to be, like her, a world changer.

I now bring to you her teachings as I have understood them - they are so complex, profound and genius, I do my best.

I know that I only must believe what does not hurt anyone else, and also myself, because all is subjective, and there was no reality before man emerged, about 5 000 years ago, or whenever man invented, out of nothing, civilization, and socioeconomic systems.
Before that there was no sex, no race, no kinds, no types of any sort, no species, no elements....at least as far as they do not insult or hurt someone's feelings.
There was no evolution before man, and when man invented it, evolution did not apply to him.
As such, species and how they emerge does not affect man, ergo there are no human breeds, called races.
And, although sexual specialization evolved two distinct sexes, this is only cosmetic, superficial, an image with no depth - a superficial avatar.

When you love others, you love yourself through others, and you respect their desire to delude themselves and to live-out their life as happy and obtuse as possible.
Our new religion is subjectivity - God's love now expressed as our freedom to create a reality we like, and we deserve.
Once man invented, out of nothing, society, he liberated himself from reality.
From then on he could identify with anything, at any time, for any reason, which is no reason at all.
If he identifies with a mare and enjoys being penetrated by a stallion, then it is his 'right' to find pleasure in it, and to be respected and not criticized, making him feel bad.
If another enjoys making love to children below five years of age, then he is just as normal as any man who only likes having sex with females over the age of physical maturity, when menstruation begins.
Because copulation did not evolve to reproduce a species, but evolve to give man pleasure, love, comfort...the entire uni-verse God's hug, now mankind's embrace.
Okay, some will say that species emerge when genetic isolation, over a long period of time, results in a gradual splintering, manifesting in a change of appearance, because appearance exposes essence....but we will not humour Nazis in our newfound self-loving, FU, ideology.
We reject this claptrap, and embrace, instead, the more pleasing ideology that all men are exactly the same, in potential, in essence, in every aspect of their being....we just others by the content of their character, and blind ourselves to how past/nature manifests as presence, appearance.

Beauty is in the ye of the beholder, and not an indication of genetic health, and resistance to parasites, producing more symmetry, and organ proportionality exposing fertility, or potentials.
No, it's all subjective.
And if a man likes obese females it isn't that he's sick in the head, compensating for something, but he is expressing his subjective appreciation for what is unfit, and infertile and asymmetrical, and disproportional.
Similarly, if another man likes being a mare to a big old stallion, or screwing chickens or cos, it's his subjective en-lightened darkening, that no longer accept the distinction of divisive criteria, like appearance, and the categories of species.
Species did not exist until man invented it, and then imposed it on all of us.
They, whoever they are, said so, as my guru teaches.
For more of this brilliant insight please visit ILP, where geniuses abound, to read the teacher's genius comments.
Learn to FU yourself, until the day you are released from a world you created.

FU self-loving, self-pleasuring, comes using may names, and is taught by many apostles.
Not only Iakob, the VO guru of the van-clan branch, but also cAnus the guru of nihilistic linguistics, masturbating using words, and reducing meat-minded objectivists to huffing and puffing...and let us not forget Ecmandu the apostle of suicide, and self-copulating, mental flatulence.
There are so many...and ironically many, or most, can be found on ILP.
Birds of a feather...return to the bird cage, the asylum of birth-brained flights to the heavens, inspiring us will with their chirps and tweets, and their feathery en-darkening lightness.
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Re: Flux Untology
« Reply #43 on: March 14, 2017, 09:22:26 pm »
FU UnTology has a simple, yet genius method of determining what is true and what is false.
A method even a MENSA member, or any profound thinker can comprehend and agree with.
FU uses populism as its verification method, but only when it comes to concepts dealing with humanity, because humanity is another word for world, or uni-verse, for us FU UnTologists, and brilliant Foolosophers.

If you are skeptical, then a popularity vote will resolve your doubts.
In fact, for FU Foolosophers popularity, quantities, are the way we decide what is superior in quality, and in veracity.
This is why we adore change and altering our opinions on everything. Because every generation, or even every year, or day, a new voting outcome will force us to change our positions on anything having to do with humanity, i.e. world.
No need to argue, or think, or reason...simply take a vote, count how many agree versus those who disagree and you resolve all debates.

How do we know serious thinking is happening?

By thread views, or the amount of people who agree.
In the past reality was different from what it is today because people, the majority, decided to change it.
Reality changes like fashions....it is a fashion.
Trendiness, popularity, appealing to the masses, is a sure way to be a god, a creator of reality.

If you do not like the world, in other words humanity, campaign, seduce, lie, promise, do anything to become popular, and then win a vote count...and voila your issues are resolved.
I, personally, change my mind from minute to minute, to keep up with shifting opinion polls.
I know of no quality other than one measured by numbers, by quantities.
Money is the best way to evaluate the quality of someone or something.
Money is a popular vote, on a product, an idea.

FU is on the cutting edge of current open-minded dynamics.
Will to power is will to become popular, to gain monetary validation.
Money = power...ergo money changes the world, or human opinions.

Don't like racists?
Use the media to change popular opinions, and you've rid yourself of its reality.
Despise mortality?
Campaign, buy some commercial time on prime-time TV and hope you win the vote.
You aren't too keen on sexual differences?
Campaign, hit the pavement, kiss babies, shake hands, shift popular opinion your way and bye bye sexual divisions.
Be convincing, repeat your convictions, believe in your lies, be passionate when you bullshyte and you can be a god, like me.
Forget humility and that Christian crap...this is paganism 101.
I am what I say I am...period.
If I convince others then I am whatever I say I am....because human = world, and world is reality

It's a simple formula but quite potent.
More than just the placebo effect, or psycho-somatics...it's simply psycho-brilliant.
A fast way to deal with any anxiety.
Marketing on steroids.
Why struggle with doubts when you can simply follow the money, find the longest line and stand in it, crash the biggest party in town, repeating "I am smart enough, good enough, and dog gone it people like me".
Why think when you can count?

Foolosophy is politics.
FU is about popular appeal, sharing pleasure.
Self-Loving Self - Self loving self, loving.
Love other, to love self.
Selfish unselfishness.
Self-pleasing, self-loving Un-tology.
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Re: Flux Untology
« Reply #44 on: March 15, 2017, 06:27:10 am »
FU is about regaining our grasp on our destiny.
Seizing our will and liberating it from determining pasts.

For us Foolosophers the debate over nurture versus nature has been absolutely resolved, leaving it to trouble the minds of the unendarkened, enlightened ones - meat-mind objectivists.
No 50%/50% divide.
100% nurturing power.
All is a social construct....all a matter of a popular vote, a change in attitude, edumucation, proper training, proper loving, pleasuring...all is upbringing.

We rare few Foolosophers, soon to become a mass movement, a global trend, know that we can raise any being to be anything we want it to be.
We can take a puppy and with proper handling raise it to be a cat....we can take a chimpanzee and raise it to be human, join forums and harass meat-mind objectivists.
It's the magical power of symbols and words.
Exposure to them can result in extraordinary consequences.
A chant, a spell, can change form, colour, essence.
We are the ones who know the dark powers of our words.
Magi of Nihilism, we invent reality by speaking the proper words, in the proper sequence, over and over.
For us sex, race, homosexuality, are but trifles.
We can make a woman into a man, and then trap her in a man's body.
We can raise a black man to the intellectual potential of a white man, because we know what difference remain are a result of social upbringing.
Nurturing, loving, pleasuring, are magical forces.
Nature cannot withstand the power of our proper nurturing.
Our words are powerful.
Training in their usage will offer all powers beyond their wildest fantasies.
Millions of years of nurturing erased with proper training, eradicated with but a third of a lifetime's proper nurturing.
Eventually we can reduce this to 1/4, a quarter of a lifetime. It depends on the commitment and discipline of the initiate/student.
Regurgitation, imitation, plagiarizing, copying/pasting, love-seling, self-loving, self-pleasuring, is how we alter souls, morphing them into whatever we choose, or vote as our shared fashionable ideals.
Acting is what we train ourselves in....because it's all superficial, fake, lies.
The great art of hypocrisy is our power.
Does not a gorilla bridge the genetic barrier between it and being a homo sapient when it is trained to use a fork and knife, and to wear trousers, smoke cigars, and use sign language?

Our proper upbringing is more severe, more potent, erasing all theoretical, scholastic didactic genetic determinations, with the mystical force of a book.
Within this book, I am writing, can be found all magical spells, and the rituals they should be performed in unison with.

What does it mean "all is a social construct" but a way of saying that all is a matter of training, and the proper usage of words and symbols; the proper usage of tools and toys?
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